First Beginners Course since lock down!

Nathan This has been a long time coming due to the restrictions and incredible happenings that have been the year 2020 but we have now managed to complete out first beginners course.

Numbers have been reduced for the “archers to be” but we are still gaining more and more enquiries to be on a course which in the current climate is actually really amazing.

The course has been condensed over 3 weekends which has actually worked better because we can get more training in and has been well received by the course members. The weather has also been lovely as well as our members coming over and having a chat after the session to make the guys feel welcome.

All of the course members have now achieved their first arrow award (White) with some pretty good shooting right from the start. Plenty of fun and a yearning to shoot balloons (and we did Dan) with all of the course members now active members of the club which is fantastic. Dan & Liza

Thank you to Cate and Archie for your help and another successful course has been completed.

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