Final Beginners Course – 2022

A great start to the new course and all ready to start. We had 6 start this course.

Everyone jumped straight into the course and was eager to learn with some that have shot at fair’s and others at events but all keen to start.

We had 2 junior on this course as well which is always great to see and such a good bunch. There are a few archers with differring abilities which again is good to help them get though it and also find that archery is helping them improve with their range of motion.

Scoring rounds were going down really well and all managed to achieve a progression badge and onto the first rung of the archery ladder so to speak.

Good technique and good fun throughout the course and my special thanks go to the coaches that helped make these courses amazing, they are Cate, Tony, Jon and Archie.

Here’s to the new members from that course and to the next one that will start October/November during our indoor season.

Karen and Giles Albin and Topper

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