Fabulous AoR Closed Shoot and some wonderful PBs

Icon for AoR RecordsToday’s AoR Indoor Worcester Tournament was a terrific display of what the club can put on.  It was a great team effort and I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jonathan (our new Tournaments Officer) for a job well and truly ‘well done’.  It was great for me to be able to do my job knowing that the preparations and tasks were in hand and being overseen in a professional manner.

Thanks also to all of the AoR archers who braved the snow and turned out for the shoot.  To my surprise we had 100% attendance for those of you who pre-registered for the shoot and two welcome additions on the day.  Reports from a few people were highly favourable and it was great to hear that archers liked the experience of a full tournament shoot mixed with the home environment and people that they knew.  Some lessons were no doubt learned on the day, but I was super impressed by the new members who shot with impeccable manners on the line and who really entered into the spirit of a serious shoot.

Well done to everyone involved in the day from the archers, to organisers and to the spectators who also entered into the tournament discipline for the day.

Now, I knew that there had been some good shooting on the day.  That was clear from the way that the archers were applying themselves and trying hard on the day.  There were a number of head to head ‘grudge’ matches going on and this looks like it helped some of you to raise your personal best scores for the Worcester on what will be the last indoor shooting day for most of the club.

My congratulations therefore extend to the following archers, all of whom posted new personal bests shooting Recurve at the competition:

  •        Heather Bayliss              (229)
  •        Mick Bowerman             (265)
  •        Imogen Neville              (211)
  •        Lauren Phillips               (230)
  •        Phil Rhodes                   (213)
  •        Jonathan Spicer             (223)
  •        Andy Thres                    (142)
  •        Amber Wilkins               (183)
  •        Richard Wise Snr.           (194)

In addition, The following archers have posted new personal best scores for their first Worcester scoring round:

  •        Esme Bayliss                  (33)
  •        Neil Case (Longbow)      (70)
  •        Sacha Case                    (206)
  •        Andy Davis                    (88)
  •        Caitlin Davis                   (21)
  •        Dominic Hodgson          (86)
  •        Simon McCutcheon        (191)

John and Christine Marshall were shooting away from AoR on Sunday, but news has reached me of yet another success for a busy indoor season for Christine.  She posted a new personal best of 525 for a Portsmouth round which she shot over at Northampton Archery Club earlier today.

If that list is not long enough, I’d like to shout out a few additional points.

Firstly congratulations to Katie Bayliss who has moved up into the Ladies U18 group and who posted a new club record with a 236.  Also, congratulations to sister Esme Bayliss who posted a new Ladies U12 club record with her score of 33.  I’d also like to congratulate Jonathan Spicer for posting a personal best whilst also running this competition and keeping tabs on the proceedings throughout the day.

Whilst taking the silver for the Ladies U18, I’d also like to add a well done to Lauren Phillips.  Whilst I might be a little biased, it was great to watch Lauren and Katie back to battling it out on the line.  Going into the last end, they were level on points and the first two arrows matched each other.  However, Katie managed to pull our an additional six points over the last three arrows to take the gold and the club record.  However, this was a great personal achievement for Lauren who not only set her own new PB for the round, but who has worked extremely hard to get back on terms with Katie following a difficult first half of this year.  It will be great to watch you both battling it out at the longer distances outside over the coming months.

Anyway, a very busy shooting session which was enjoyed by everyone.

Well done to all involved with this cracking end to the indoor season.

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