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Icon for AoR RecordsFirstly, thank you to everyone that took the time to attend the AoR committee meeting yesterday.  A lot was discussed, it became a little noisy at times, but it was good to share ideas and move some of them forward.

It is important for club members to attend these meetings, not just the committee members.  Very often some very good ideas, some issues and other topics are raised from the floor for discussion.  Last night was no exception and I have come away with a few things to think about and action points to complete.  I look forward to seeing a few more new faces over the coming meetings leading up to the AGM in April.

Please remember that AoR is your club and your feedback, ideas and thoughts are all important.  Things mentioned during busy club nights are often lost in the moment and raising them at the regular committee meetings means that they will get due consideration and they will not get simply forgotten or cast aside for whatever reason.

I have mentioned before that I have been quiet on the blog over the last few months owing to work and personal pressures on my time.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately for me) this is likely to continue into the New Year.  However, one of my key sources of club information is now back online.

Mick has had some nasty computer issues that have cost him both money and a lot of time.  Much of that time has been bringing the club records back up to date and I am pleased to hear that he is nearly there now.  As such, I have a number of club records to post to the website over the next couple of days, when I have time.

In the meantime, he has given me an update from last weekend’s shoot during which Bradley has set a new Gents U18 club record shooting a Portsmouth and achieving a 588 for the round (one less than his I16 record of 589).  Kevin posted a great 335 shooting his American Flatbow and set a new club record.

I’m also informed that a number of our members continue to improve and Ruby, Richard Wise (Senior) and Kevin all posted new Personal Best scores for the Portsmouth round shot.

Well done to you all.


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