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Aug - Dec 2013 226Wow – it looks like it has been some weeks since I visited the blog.  This is not an indication that things have been quiet at AoR, it is more that my time has been monopolised by other things.

For various reasons, I have been unable to make the Sunday sessions as often as I have been and I have therefore been missing out on the personal successes.  In addition, Mick has had some computer issues and we need another couple of weeks or so to get back on top of personal bests, club records and the like.

Anyway, all of our members continue to improve and the shooting line remains a busy place.  All three indoor sessions are proving to be popular and interest from would be beginners continues and they are keeping us busy well into the New Year.

A number of our juniors have taken huge steps forward over the last twelve months and this culminated in no less than six AoR junior archers making the journey to Coventry for the tournament.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make the venue this year as Lauren had to pull out owing to a University interview in Aylesbury (which she progressed through to the next stage :)).

As I was not there, I can’t share any real insight other than the scores and placing’s achieved.  One story that did reach me was from poor Louis who had a day of catching his arm.  One shot caught his arm guard so badly that it broke the stiff plastic armguard and he had to result to using Lauren’s wrap around arm guard.  This is an issue that Louis and I are working on and thankfully Leza had it with her as a backup.  Otherwise, I have not heard of any major dramas – other than Bradley pulling a miss and which cost him very badly – now that is news indeed – Bradley, what’s the story to that one?

I should point out that this was the first visit to the Junior Nationals for Louis, Ruby, Amber and Imogen, so great results all round.  All of the AoR archers were shooting in the Recurve category.

So the archers, their scores and placing’s:

Bradley Denny – 5th in the U-18 with 578
Katie Bayliss – 5th in the U18 with 549
Amber Wilkins – 9th in the U18 with 526
Louis Paul – 31st in the U16 with 471
Imogen Neville – 9th in the U16 with 518
Ruby Paul – 12th in the U14 with 464

Well done to all of you and especially those of you shooting at the Nationals for the first time.  It is a huge event and very daunting during your first time stepping onto the line.  Thank you all for representing AoR at this National Tournament.  Here’s looking forward to the Junior Nationals Outdoor in 2014.

I would also like to congratulate Daniel Nixon (U-18 Recurve) from Targetcraft who shot a great 554 to take him passed the 550 and a well deserved 14th place out of 36 archers in the category.

Images from the day courtesy of Heather Bayliss.

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