Bosses Indoors

To preserve and pro-long the life of the straw bosses, can everyone please make sure that all stands are double bossed when we go indoors.  We have some high poundage archers now and we need to make sure that their arrows are protected and that the bosses do not take too much of a pounding in their centres.

As well as double bossing the stands, please make sure that:

  1. One of the older bosses is placed in front of one of the newer bosses.  This will ensure that the older bosses take most of the pounding and preserve the newer bosses for the next outdoor season.
  2. Where possible (practice days, etc.) please locate your target faces centres (your aiming point) off centre and also off of the Portsmouth shooting circle on the straw bosses.  Again this will help to preserve the bosses.

Hopefully this will give us another season or two out of the existing bosses and avoid premature replacement and avoidable cost to the club (you).


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