Beginners Course

We are planning to begin a new beginners course this Friday and with my status and also Roy’s changing within the club, this is a call out to any AoR club members who are interested in getting involved with coaching or helping with the beginners courses.

Introducing people to archery and helping them to take up the sport is highly rewarding and it has helped me to learn so much more about the sport and the club in general.  I can therefore highly recommend it to anyone that likes to share knowledge and skills with other people.  Furthermore, the beginners courses and the new members that the courses generate are the life blood of the club.  Without the courses the membership numbers will inevitably drop and the membership fees will rise – pure economics.

This Friday’s session is therefore the perfect opportunity (and the last for a while) to watch Roy and I take a first lesson and to learn more about the process.  We have all been through the course, but it is a nice reminder and you’ll pick up a lot more than when you came along for your first lesson.

Please help to support your club and get involved.

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