AoR Tournaments.

Thank you to all the AoR members who helped at today’s Ivy Keating and especially Geoff and Heather for going above and beyond this week with logistic arrangements and catering respectively.  NCAS were very pleased with the event and the whole team did the club proud yet again.

Numerous people comments on the new website and those comments have made the work more than worthwhile.  However, I was pulled up by numerous people about my choice to run a Metric round for the younger archers at the forthcoming Albion and Windsor shoot.  As a result, the entry form has been amended to show the round simply as an AoR special round, still to be shot over 6 dozen arrows at 15 and 20 yards.

I personally apologise for this change, but I hope that this round will still suit our younger members and retain their ability to take part in and experience a major tournament.

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