AoR Closed Western – 22/09/13

Archery Competition
Archery Competition

Could all AoR members and associate members please book the 22nd September 2013 in their diaries.  This will be the date of our closed outdoor tournament that marks the end of the outdoor season at AoR.

Jonathan has made all of the Western rounds available so any AoR member, young or old, new or experienced, can attend this tournament.

As before and to get new members used to applying for tournaments and to experience the full tournament experience, we are requesting formal entries for this closed tournament.  That means reserving your place using the form on the website in the tournaments section.  It is also linked from the diary page or you can simply click here.

PLEASE NOTE: We have scheduled only the defined GNAS rounds and expect people to shoot the appropriate round for their age group.  If you are in your first year of shooting and still using a beginners bow, or there is some other reason why you cannot reach your prescribed distance, please contact Jonathan or myself and we will consider a special category for those archers IF there are four or more archers in that situation.  Of course, it is best for you to shoot your proper distance so that you can claim Personal Best, Club records, etc.  Seniors, you could find yourself shooting against a junior at a different distance as Johnathan and I will decide the distances to be shot for any special category based on your experience, ability, etc.

So, the day is set, the entry form is published, so what are you waiting for – Get yourself registered ASAP.


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