AoR Branded clothing.

To all AoR members:

As most of you will be aware, AoR operates a dress code for competitions and public events which includes a bottle green top (i.e. polo shirt/sweatshirt/jacket) and black trousers/shorts or skirt.  In the past, most members have opted for tops sourced locally with the club logo.

However, many members also choose to wear these Club Colours (or at least the tops) at regular Club shoots and particularly at the Club’s main shoot on Sunday mornings.  It is great to see a full shooting line of AoR archers all dressed in their Club colours.

As he has done in previous years, Roy will shortly be placing another order for Sweatshirts and fleece jackets in “AoR Green” and bearing the AoR logo.  These items are very good quality (keep you warm on chilly summer evenings!) and are excellent value for money.  If you think you might be interested in buying one or more of these items, please let Roy know on by 28 April and he will get some prices and samples in various sizes for you to check out before you decide to buy.

Bottle green polo-shirts, custom-stitched with the AoR logo and (if required) your own name, are available from Dodson and Horrell at around £12 (last year’s price).  You’ve probably seen quite a few members sporting these and having the wearer’s name on them certainly helps those of us with encroaching memory loss!!  If you’d like to buy one of these AoR-customised polo shirts, just visit the Dodson and Horrell Country Store outlet at 1 Spencer Street, Ringstead NN14 4BX and tell them you want a bottle green polo shirt with the AoR logo stitched in and state what size you need (its a good idea to ask if you could try one on first – for size) and tell them what name (if any) you’d like stitching under the Club logo (it may take a day or two for them to complete the customising work).


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