AoR Equipment Evening.

Just a reminder that next Wednesday (19th December) the Club is holding an equipment evening focusing on arrow repairs, including fletchings and nocks.

The session will be held in one of the classrooms near the Manor School sports hall (where we shoot) and will start at 7.00pm. (The room is in the corridor immediately off to the left as you enter the Reception Area.)

A Club Equipment Evening is an informal get together where some of the more experienced members can share their knowledge with other members on matters relating to maintaining and setting up a bow and related equipment.

If you have any questions/issues relating to any part of your archery equipment these can also be addressed and if you are having problems with a specific item of equipment it would be helpful to bring the offending article with you.

This session is ideally suited to all of AoR’s recent new members who have new equipment or who are looking to buy new equipment in the near future.

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