2012 AoR Outdoor Closed Shoot

This weekend we are due to shoot the annual AoR Outdoor Closed Competition.  However, I will not be able to make the day as I will be in the coaching course over at WOAC and we have unfortunately not had any volunteers to take on the role of Tournaments Officer.  I was therefore planning on cancelling the event, but Geoff has kindly stepped into the void and said that he will run a low key event on Sunday so that all AoR members will again have the opportunity to shoot for a medal.

The event will be more low key than a usual tournament, but I hope that many of you will support the day by turning out.  The rounds that will be shot will be sorted out on the day and we won’t be going to the lengths of officially marking out the field.  For that reason, Geoff will decide which rounds will be shot (based on those people who turn up) and I know that he will appreciate some help in setting out the field as on a usual shooting Sunday.  I will leave Geoff to decide on the categories to receive medals and he will have the honour of awarding those medals at the end of the shoot.

Please remember that the field must be cleared by 13:00 with the goal posts replaced, if removed.  This might mean everyone helping to clear the field and check for any left prior to putting your bows away, something that usually happens anyway.

Qualification for this closed shoot is simply full membership of the club with GNAS membership.  Those of you who have just finished the beginner’s course and who have joined as full members will also have the opportunity to shoot and Geoff will decide on a suitable round for you to shoot on the day.  I will hopefully be around on Thursday, Friday and Saturday should any new members wish to review scoring and what is expected of you during a competition shoot.

Please let me know if you are planning on shooting at this event on Sunday so that I can give Geoff a rough idea of who to expect and who to cater for within the rounds.

Finally, I’d just like to thank every AoR member for your continued support of the club over the summer.  I think that the club is once again moving in the right direction and that appears to be confirmed by the good attendance on the line in recent weeks.  Furthermore, it has been very nice to welcome guest archers from local clubs and to share our shooting time, conversation and time with them.  Geoff, myself and the committee team are working hard to raise standards and to make shooting at AoR a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We have many more plans to implement and those will come with time.  However, we welcome your continued thoughts, ideas and suggestions as we look to the indoor season in just a few weeks’ time.

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