Maybe I’ll now get organised.

It has been a frantic few months since taking over as chairman of AoR.  Not only have the juniors all given me much to talk about, but the seniors have been setting new personal best scores like they are going out of fashion, the shooting line is getting busier and the buzz is definitely back and we are still getting a steady stream of enquiries for the AoR beginners course. Thankfully the Lottery Grant is making that a lot easier.

Anyway, behind the scenes I have been writing myself a small AoR Manager database and application using OpenInsight.  I hope that this will make life just a little easier and try to keep me organised during the few minutes that I find to administer the club.

I am pleased to say that the member records are now all populated and I only have a handful of emergency contact details to obtain.  It is also managing the beginners courses (who is registered for what, whose had certificates, etc.) and who has which trophy.  Finally, I have just finished a small module to log the courses that I’m conducting at the moment and hopefully over the next few years.

It is quite a nice little resource, even if I do say so myself :D.

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