How we will continue with your training

Through a selection of training and coaching videos as well as progression we will provide continued support.

Training for members

Newer Members have shown that they are safe and sensible OR they must be competent archers – that’s to say, already members of the Grand National Archery Society, or have satisfactorily completed a proper course of instruction by a recognised body. All members must abide by the GNAS Rules of Shooting and follow all safety requirements and any/all directions of the club.

Once started, members can get support and more advanced training in several ways:

  • Club Coaches can assist with technical and shooting skills to at least ”Bowman’ level
  • Club Members can give ‘Buddy’ support and all kinds of specialist technical help
  • Workshops and advanced training is available from the County Coach Network
  • Archers with special needs can be referred to Regional and National Support Groups with access to special training, facilities and Grant money
  • Archers, both able-bodied and para, who show particular ability can be referred for Elite Coaching by ArcheryGB

Help and training is freely available in the Club up to a good intermediate “Second” or “First” Class standard – beyond that level – (on to “Bowman”, “Master” or “Grand Master”) – Coaching can be arranged often at little or no cost.

Advanced Coaching is available from Northampton County Archery Society (NCAS) and the additional courses are run over 5 months usually during the winter season and are for both Senior and Junior levels.

There is also the Progression Team at AoR that will continue to work with members during their first year and will continue to provide help as needed.


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