We provide a wide range of activities for our Juniors

Our juniors are the next step for the club and as such all efforts are made to ensure they can achieve their potential and enjoy it along the way.

How we can help you!

Archers of Raunds is proud to include a dynamic, successful and above all friendly Junior Section amongst its ranks.  From novice and shy individuals, AoR junior members frequently grow in confidence, self belief and into team players.  Most juniors also go on to form close friendships that extend well beyond the club car park.

Most Junior archers begin shooting at around the age of ten, although children as young as eight can shoot if they are mature and strong enough. They then remain in the Junior section until they are eighteen and join our senior member ranks.

Archery is a great sport for those juniors that wish to get competitive. Target archery maintains special rounds for juniors and categories to cater for juniors of all ages and the various rounds are often split to group juniors into age groups and thereby introduce some level of fairness into competitive shooting. The distance shot therefore increases with age and provides junior archers with new challenges as they progress through the age groups.  At competitions, these age groups are usually recognised and provide junior archers with plenty of opportunities to set records, win medals and trophy’s.

Archers of Raunds are extremely proud of their junior section. In recent years we have found a large part of the county team being made up of AoR archers and some AoR Juniors regularly making the county team. Building on the knowledge and solid skills learned during the AoR beginners course, mentoring within the club and the various coaching opportunities within NCAS, EMAS and more, some of the clubs juniors have gone on to regularly shoot for NCAS as part of the county archery team. Several have gone on to shoot at regional level with East Midlands Archery Society (EMAS) and Bradley made the EMAS team in 2012. He went on to shoot for England and then all over the world with Archery GB during 2014-2016. AoR is therefore a great place for juniors to learn to shoot and then to benefit from a wealth of knowledge from young archers close to their own age and who they can easily relate to and also the club membership in general.

Archers of Raunds are committed to their junior section and the club maintains a Junior Representative to ensure that all junior members remain looked after and happy.  The officer also arranges special junior fun shoots from time to time.

Junior members who wish to progress into competitive archery also benefit from coaching that continues after the beginners course. This coaching is provided through the Progression Team which is designed to further enhance shooting technique and to help with problems. Northants County Archery Society (NCAS) also provide county coaching for those juniors interested in raising their profile. This level of coaching is undertaken by county coaches with AoR coaches being part of that team.

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