Indoor & Outdoor Classifications

A table of our archers current classifications they have achieved.

Archers Classifications

Archer's NameBow TypeCurrent IndoorOutdoor 2021Outdoor 2022
Archie BromleyRecurveCJunior Master BowmanJunior Master Bowman
Himat DeoRecurveE--
Andy HarbourRecurveC2nd Class-
Liza HuntRecurveE--
Sarah JonesRecurveD--
James MoonRecurveD--
Nikki ParkinRecurveG--
Tony ParkinRecurveD--
Simon PatemanRecurveF--
Tony PinneyRecurveD--
Simon SmartRecurveE--
David TomkinsRecurveD--
Paul TomkinsRecurveE--
Simon WrightRecurveD--
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