Archery GB Progression Award

Scheme is open to all Juniors

The Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills.

Award Scheme designed by Archery GB

Registered Archery GB Progression Award Club Members

The following AoR club members are registered for the Archery GB Progression Award. The table includes the chosen bow type, category and scores achieved for the various distances. This is a fully responsive table and can be viewd on Tablets as well as Smaprtphon.
Archer’s NameBow TypeTarget FaceZone Scoring (Metric)10m15m20m30m40m50m
Archie BromleyRecurve80cm10
Jack CuthbertRecurve
Aiden LoweRecurve
Callum Ottley-DaviesRecurve40cm10
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