Two Personal Achievements for young Louis in one weekend.

Today saw the lightest turnout of AoR archers and visitors for some months.  With just seven AoR archers and one visitor (many AoR archers were shooting away from home with EMAS training and shooting in tournaments hosted by other clubs), the session became a nice relaxed single detail Portsmouth. However, even with that small number …

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AoR Portsmouth Booked Solid

Most of you that know me will know that I like to keep a cushion (fallback) just in case something has fallen through the net.  Well for this Sunday’s Open Portsmouth Tournament I have thrown caution to the wind and every single space has now been filled. With three packed out sessions spanning the day …

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Local Tournament Entry Forms Released

I have today received three tournament entry forms for local shoots that you might be interested in:  10th February 2013 – Jolly Archers Open Portsmouth 3rd March 2013 – Kettering Archers FITA Clout – Record Status and Tassel award. 5th May 2013 – NCAS 1st Caswell – Hosted by Kettering Archers Those of you that …

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A call for help.

Once a fortnight, on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings a multi activity session, including archery, is held at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden for disabled people.  The archery sessions are run by Eric Jackson and Pat Comber of WOAC and Mick Bowerman (from AoR) and a couple of other volunteers help out with the Thursday morning sessions.  Mick …

A call for help. Read More »

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