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Yet more Personal Bests and a couple of Club Records

I was not able to make the Sunday scoring session at Archers of Raunds yesterday, but news has reached me of yet another very successful Sunday shoot.  We had two new junior club records set and three new Personal Best scores from three of the club’s senior archers. Shooting the registered Worcester: Imogen Case (aged …

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Committee & New Club Records

Firstly, thank you to everyone that took the time to attend the AoR committee meeting yesterday.  A lot was discussed, it became a little noisy at times, but it was good to share ideas and move some of them forward. It is important for club members to attend these meetings, not just the committee members.  Very …

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Trying to pop a couple of balloons – Easy right???

Following a very enjoyable Sunday shoot during which a few personal best scores were achieved (well done Ruby and Ryan), some of the archers decided to carry on shooting a few more ends as time permitted.  I’d been working hard with a few people who were not shooting the scoring round and I decided to …

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EMAS Champion and new Club Records

The weekend successes of AoR archers must plateau sometime very soon, but yet again this weekend another bunch of successes and personal achievements were attained. Shooting away from home at the EMAS Regional Championships on Sunday in Spalding, Katie Bayliss shot a Bristol 2 in very blustery conditions and posted a brilliant 927.  Not only …

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Records galore!!!

Well I guess that this blog posting’s title is not overly fair as it has been sometime since AoR shot Western rounds on a Sunday.  However, this weekend we got up early, the field was setup in record time and the shoot was completed (single detail) within the time allocated to us for shooting.  A big thank you …

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