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PB’s, Records and a Head to Head

It has been a while since my last blog, mostly owing to work and not finding any spare time for the blog updates.  However, things have been busy at AoR. The move indoors has lead to some busy sessions, but with everyone helping and observing the line rules the transition has been a good one …

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Record Breaking June at AoR

It really was a record breaking June at AoR this year and our archers have certainly kept Mick busy – Thanks again Mick for keeping these records up to date whilst we look for a new records officer. I’m not sure if it is good coaching, archers self teaching themselves through the use of videos, …

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EMAS Champion and new Club Records

The weekend successes of AoR archers must plateau sometime very soon, but yet again this weekend another bunch of successes and personal achievements were attained. Shooting away from home at the EMAS Regional Championships on Sunday in Spalding, Katie Bayliss shot a Bristol 2 in very blustery conditions and posted a brilliant 927.  Not only …

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Records galore!!!

Well I guess that this blog posting’s title is not overly fair as it has been sometime since AoR shot Western rounds on a Sunday.  However, this weekend we got up early, the field was setup in record time and the shoot was completed (single detail) within the time allocated to us for shooting.  A big thank you …

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Another record breaking weekend at AoR

Some weeks I arrive home from a shooting session at AoR and I think, that’s it, we are there people will begin to plateau and the record books will settle down.  Then we do some more work with our archers, or they go away and research their technique, watch some videos, get some extra help …

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