Beginners Course

First Beginners Course since lock down!

This has been a long time coming due to the restrictions and incredible happenings that have been the year 2020 but we have now managed to complete out first beginners course. Numbers have been reduced for the “archers to be” but we are still gaining more and more enquiries to be on a course which …

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Final Week for the Archers in Training

We had 9 archers in training start way back in October learning the basics and also some advanced techniques in archery. They all embraced the course and it was such a great time with much fun and laughter as well as the serious side of learning how to shoot. Once we had got through the …

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Beginners Course snowed off

I have received several telephone calls from archers due to start this evenings beginners course saying that they do not intend to come over to the club owing to this afternoon’s snow fall.  I have also decided not to venture out and all beginners have been phoned to cancel this evenings first lesson. I have …

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I think I need some sleep.

Wow what a week this is turning out to be.  Early mornings listening out for Bradleys interview that keeps being postponed :(.  Late nights writing the new beginners application form and beginners pack, and today I took delivery of 25 beginners bow sets, arrows and spares all in individual pieces.  Then Monday we have 8 new …

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