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Contact Archers of Raunds

The club maintains a general email address for anyone who wishes to contact one of the club officers about any aspect of the club or the sport of archery in general. For this reason, please direct your enquiry to in the first instance. One of our club officers will then respond to your email as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, please feel free to come down to the club during any shooting session and talk to us about your enquiry in person. Any of the committee members will be happy to assist you.

Key Club Contacts

Position Current Holder Email Address


Cate Bromley

Vice Chair

Neil Anthony


Cate Bromley


Cheryl Deacon

Membership Admin

Jo Rodman

Records Officer

Neil Wildman

Junior Representative

Archie Bromley

Tournament Officer

Jon Kilraine

Equipment Officers

Andy Harbour
Eddie Clarke
Richard Ottley
Marc Walker
Neil Anthony

Coaches, Progression and Assistants

Head Coach:
Neil Anthony

Tony Pinney
Neill Case

Progression Officers:
Cate Bromley
Archie Bromley

Coaching Assistants:

Safeguarding Officer

Neill Case

Fundraising Officer

Angela Brudenell

Catering Officers

Laura Walker

Social Media and Photography

Callum Ottley-Davis

Website Administration

Neil Anthony

Nominated Key Holders

Simon Wright
Yvonne Goldsworthy