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AoR Club Records

Archers of Raunds maintains a list of club records shot by members both at home and away under Archery GB rules. The list here is updated roughly once a month and it serves to show who is shooting well and what to aim for if you are (or aim to be) a competitive AoR archer.

Submission Process

Every archer is proud to break a record, be it at a personal, club, county or National level. As a club AoR is equally proud to share in those achievements on this page.

If you break a club record that is shot under Archery GB rules and regulations, please be sure to get your score sheet independently verified and signed and either pass it to the Records Officer or leave the sheet in the appropriate folder in the clubs filing cabinet. The score sheets are usually collected at the end of the shoot and placed in the filing cabinet or given to the Tournaments Officer. However, it is the archers responsibility to make sure that the Records Officer is aware of the record claim and that the archers score sheet reaches the Records Officer, equally this applies to records claimed at other venues.

The sheet will then be processed by the Records Officer and the site will be updated with your achievement.

If you have been successful in achieving a County Record, it is your responsibility to submit your own claim! Details can be found at NCAS Archery

Last Updated: 16th April 2019