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Beginners Course - Venue and Times


Archers of Raunds Beginners Courses are held at the club's normal shooting venue at Manor School and Sports College in Raunds.

During the indoor season the course sessions will be undertaken in the main sports hall. The beginners bosses are usually set up towards the right of the shooting line as this keeps the beginners contained and away from distractions, such as where members usually arrive (towards the left).

During the outdoor season the course sessions are undertaken on the main playing field behind the school. Again, the beginners bosses are usually set up towards the right end of the shooting line.

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Archers of Raunds' Beginners Courses are all held on a Friday night between 18:30 and 20:30 (weather permitting) during the outdoor season and between 19:00 and 21:00 during the indoor season.

The club does not provide for any other day when beginners can shoot, unless by prior arrangement and agreement by the committee. The reason for this is because beginners can sometimes take longer than experienced members to soot their end of arrows and this means that members can be waiting between ends whilst the beginners finish. Members understand and appreciate this as part of their decision to shoot on the Friday.

Please Note:
Manor School and Sports College is a No Smoking site and smokers must refrain from smoking anywhere on the school property, including the car park area. AoR apologises for any inconvenience that this might cause and thanks smokers for respecting the club's and School's no smoking policy.